XII Latin American Congress of
Probability and Mathematical Statistics

March 26-30, 2012, Viña del Mar, Chile


Viña del Mar is part of the Fifth Region, next to the Capital's Region of Santiago de Chile. It offers high quality tourism facilities, which includes lodgings and gastronomy, shopping centers and sports activities. Its famous temperate Mediterranean climate, uncontaminated beaches, colorful topography of hills, city and sea, its historical castles and palaces, its safe and secure environment and its intense culture and nightlife give an exceptional character to the city.

Getting there from Santiago

Beyond frequent coach bus service between Santiago and Viña. Numerous operators, abundant seating, about 90 minute ride for approximately 3000 Chilean Pesos one way. The buses depart from Santiago at "Pajaritos" Station (Line 1 of Subway Station) or "Universidad de Santiago" Station (Line 1 of Subway Station). It is recommendable to do it from "Pajaritos" Station if you want to avoid the stop over from "Universidad de Santiago" and the ride within the city. The 2 main coach lines that travel to Viña del Mar are "TURBUS" and "PULLMAN BUS", their buses leaving every 15/20 minutes. The bus will drop you at the "Viña del Mar" Coach Station, which is 3 blocks east of DownTown "Plaza de Viña" and from the nearby Hotel O'Higgins.

When you arrive at the bus terminal be aware from "special offers" concerning "taxis" and "cheap hostels" offered by intrusive "agents" awaiting you when you leave the bus. Go directly (5 minutes walk) to the city's tourist information on the Plaza A. Francisco Vergara (or "Plaza de Viña"); they will inform you well and kindly.

Getting there from Santiago International Airport (SCL)

The cheapest alternative is to take the Bus "Centropuerto" (blue coach bus) or "TURBUS Aeropuerto" (green coach bus) straightaway after exiting the airport building, which will drive you to "Pajaritos" Metro Station in 15 minutes (Payment onboard, 2,000 Chilean Pesos or USD 5, approximately). Please see the Section "Getting there from Santiago" above to continue the trip to Viña del Mar from "Pajaritos" Metro Station.

It is also possible to take a TAXI or "TRANSFER" (minibus) that will drive you directly from the airport to Viña del Mar. The TAXI will charge you approximately 60,000 Chilean Pesos (USD 125 approximately). Please hire your Taxi at the counters INSIDE the airport.

If you stop over Santiago, a TAXI to downtown will charge you 12,000 Chilean pesos approximately (USD 25), a TRANSFER will charge you about 6,000 Chilean pesos approximately (USD 12). The cheapest alternative is to take the "Centropuerto" or "TURBUS Aeropuerto" to "Pajaritos" Metro Station.

Getting there from Valparaiso

Several Local Bus lines take you from Valparaiso from/to "Palza de Viña" in 20 to 30 minutes.

MERVAL (Metro/Train Service of Valparaiso) has frequent service to/from Valparaiso and from/to other destinations in the country side of Viña del Mar and Valparaiso such as Quilpue, Villa Alemana and Limache. It is not recommendable to take a train between Viña del Mar and Valparaiso since there are many other options to travel from/to. For using the Metro/Train Services you have to purchase a Metro/Train Card, which is available at the Kiosks in the Stations. Once you get the card, you have to slide it when you gent in and when you get out station in the final destination. There is no flat rate; each route has a different price. In Viña del Mar you will find 5 stations.

Get around

Small cars that routes throughout the city charge around 500 Chilean Pesos for a ride. They are in general quicker and more comfortable.

Buses (Called "La Micro") go to all parts of town for 350 Chilean Pesos. There's not really a guide with all routes and their destination so the best way to solve the problem is to find the one you need to ask around.


Registration fees do not include hotel accommodation. For those needing hotel accommodations, the conference has arranged for special rates at the Hotel O'Higgins, located at Plaza Vergara S/N, Viña del Mar, Chile, Phone: +56-32-2682000, Fax: +56-32-2883537, Email: resevas AT hotelohiggins.cl.

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